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Caffeinated Hockey Elf [userpic]
Pellet conversion services
by Caffeinated Hockey Elf (tattermuffin)
at April 19th, 2006 (10:14 am)

I just found out that For the Birds offers a pellet conversion service wherein you drop off your bird with them and they get convert the bird (neutral territory, new people, etc.). It sounds like a good idea, especially since Sidney refuses to eat pellets (other than those I sneak into her via birdie cereal, birdie bread, and mash mixed into her seed/babyfood mix). She just starves herself if there are no seeds or fresh food to eat, and now she's laid an egg and we're supposed to cut out the fresh food to discourage more egglaying ...

So as anyone ever done this (with FtB or anyone else)? It's not too expensive, but I'm just thinking it through 'fore committing to do it.


Posted by: summer_jackel (summer_jackel)
Posted at: April 19th, 2006 05:29 pm (UTC)

That sounds as if it would make logical sense...a new place could break a bird out of its routine enough to try a new food. You'd have to make sure that you really trusted this place, though, and that they would feed her seeds or whatever if she REALLY didn't want those pellets, and not starve her.

Where is FtB?

Posted by: Caffeinated Hockey Elf (tattermuffin)
Posted at: April 19th, 2006 05:31 pm (UTC)
PeterPan eye

It's on the San Jose/Cupertino border just off Hwy 85. They also have Avicakes there, which I know Sidney will eat (another way I sneak pellets into her from time to time), but yah making sure they wont' just starve her is on my list of questions (well, it's phrased as "What if she refuses point blank to eat the pellets?") :)

Thanks for the input!

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