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Morgan [userpic]
Introductory post
by Morgan (banshea)
at April 18th, 2006 (05:25 pm)

Hey there. I figured I'd better make an introduction while I'm still qualified to be in this community. -- in about twelve hours I'll be hitting the road (with menagerie in tow) and moving from Oakland to upstate New York.

I've kept budgies since I was a kid. Right now I'm personally responsible for two: Duncan and Macbeth. My father has Baron and Pippin, so we've had what is, for us, a pretty good-sized flock.

I spent a few months this winter working for Your Basic Bird in Berkeley. I think it's a great store. Unfortunately I developed allergies to some of the parrot food and the conures were giving me regular migraines, so I had to quit.


Posted by: Lark (bloolark)
Posted at: April 19th, 2006 12:32 am (UTC)

Why be qualified? I joined and I don't even live in the same country!

I should probably post and explain myself. :)

Conures giving you migranes? I'd be shocked by that if I didn't own Tea.

Posted by: Morgan (banshea)
Posted at: April 19th, 2006 12:58 am (UTC)

Hee, I noticed. ;) That was meant to be a more tongue-in-cheek sort of remark than anything...

I've had migraines more or less constantly since I was a kid. On days that I'm liable to get one, anything excessive will set me off: too much light, too strong a smell, too much noise... I'm sure you get the idea.

YBB has a back room with a few birds that the owner breeds herself. Some of them are only semi-socialized, and there's a pair of suns and a pair of blue-crowns that scream. There's a set of sound-blocking headphones, but they're prone to disappearing, don't do quite enough, but do mask anyone talking to me enough that I have to take them off when someone wants to communicate.

I remember that there was one day I finally got sick of this one blue-crowned conure. I spun around, pointed straight at him, and said, "You! You would make an excellent feather duster."

Silence reigned. For all of eight seconds.

Posted by: summer_jackel (summer_jackel)
Posted at: April 19th, 2006 04:42 pm (UTC)

*laughs hard at the story*
Migranes are not funny. Conures being silent...for 8 seconds? Funny. :D

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