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summer_jackel [userpic]
Intro post...
by summer_jackel (summer_jackel)
at April 19th, 2006 (09:42 am)

Hey, I should intro myself, yes?

I'm an attorney, furry artist, fiddle player and general eccentric who lives in lovely western Sonoma County. I've three parrots: Lady Randell is an approximately 12-13 year old female cinnamon cockatiel who I obtained as a "free bird, come get" rescue when I was a student at Berkeley 8 years ago. Guinness/Ginny is a 5 year old male senegal I bought a little over a year ago. He has some major fear and trust issues, but he's a wonderful bird and we're working through it. My most recent addition, Gavin, is a green cheeked conure who found me at a gas station while flying loose near Tahoe about 2 months ago.

My other birds are four laying hens and four ducks, who are also wonderful pets. My household also includes five canines, two cats, 3 horses (who are boarded) 2 snakes, my girlfriend's 2 bunnies and a number of fish. So yes, zoo. ;)

Nifty to have this community of 'locals'.