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玄米茶 [userpic]
"Introductions? Fine."
by 玄米茶 (genmaicha)
at April 13th, 2006 (10:58 pm)

current mood: dorky
current song: DJ Doboy, "Vocal Edition Volume 14"

Hey-hey. :) Another parrot_lovers face. I'm Cody/Illucian up in Petaluma in the North Bay, off of 101 and south of Santa Rosa. I've got two budgies, Ciatol and Elijah; four cockatiels, Aki, Aya, Alcyone, and Kestrel; a green-cheeked conure, Mori; and two American singer canaries, Solano and Luna. I work for PETCO in Petaluma, a store that opened in June 2005, and I am one of two avian specialists at the store, and one of the employees most likely to be sneaking over to Trader Joe's next door to supply our critters with organic produce. I have a background in wild bird rehabilitation, so I've worked with everything from budgies to hummingbirds to hawks to pelicans.

I'd really like to stay informed of parroty stuff in the Bay Area, since bad scheduling, missed opportunities, and lack of notification are the big reasons why I haven't gotten my butt going in the past. Well, that and the distance from most parroty stuff. So now I can get news when I read my friends page, not just when I happen to remember! Whee!

::The Crab:: [userpic]
by ::The Crab:: (angry_crab)
at April 13th, 2006 (10:28 pm)

current mood: overwhelmed

Hello! You guys probably all know me from the other communities on LJ. I've got an african grey, Sebastian, a citron cockatoo, Tara, and three budgies named Iris, Joseph, and Summer. I live in San Martin, which is near Gilroy and just south of San Jose. I work for a pet sitting service called Squawk and Howl, and I volunteer for Mickaboo. I am currently fostering two budgies for Mickaboo, Blue (aka Bode) and Sera. My favorite local pet store is For Other Living Things in Sunnyvale.

I made this community mostly so I could post about events in the area, but also so I can meet other parrot people who live near me.

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